Ride & Room Share Interest List

Did you know that the Western Section has TWO online spaces where you can get together to chat with other section members? 

There are special channels for preparing for our upcoming events! Chat about the 2023 Annual Meeting in Riverside, find a carpool or even a room buddy on our Slack OR Discord servers! 

  • If you join our Slack Workspace you will find a 2023 Annual Meeting channel, a rideshare channel, and a roomshare channel in the Starred Channels section at the top of the channel list on the left side of the window. 
  • If you join our Discord server head to the RULES channel and read and accept the rules, then head to the ROLES channel and choose any roles that might apply to you.  You will find the 2023 Annual Meeting and ride/room share channels under the 2023 Events heading in the Channels sidebar on the left side of the window.  Be sure to explore all of the channels on our spaces, you will find channels for your school or chapter, for sharing field pics, or for connecting with a group of your peers (check out our LGBTI and BIPOC spaces!). 

Want to use these spaces but need help figuring it all out? 

Email President@tws-west.org to schedule a tutorial! 

Photo by Marie Martin from the 2019 Western Section Annual Meeting Slideshow